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Claire P.

Danny was punctual, professional and did a great job. We had our gutters cleaned out, house power washed and windows cleaned. Everything looks great and the house looks brand new. First time getting this service done and will def choose NE Pressure Cleaning if we do.

Michelle M.

Great company. Excellent communication & customer service. Prompt for appointment & easy billing. They did a neat & thorough job cleaning our gutters & we have been very happy with their pressure cleaning in the past. Highly recommend!

Mary W.

Dan was a wonderful representative for New England power wash. My home looks great, gutters have never been cleaned this good and windows look amazing. Thanks again to Dan and the people at New England Power Wash. I definitely will use them again.

Christine N.

Jake was extremely nice, personable, and knowledgeable. He did a fantastic job. My mom’s house looks amazing. He walked around before and after to make sure I was happy with the work. I would definitely recommend New England Pressure Cleaning.

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Soft Washing Near Me

Searching for “Soft Washing Near Me” connects you with the gentle, effective solution for cleaning your property without the risk of damage associated with high-pressure washing. Soft washing is a specialized technique, perfect for delicate surfaces like roofs, sidings, and landscapes, ensuring they are cleaned thoroughly but gently, using eco-friendly solutions that eradicate mold, algae, and dirt while protecting the integrity of the surface. It’s an essential service for homeowners and businesses looking to maintain their property’s appearance and longevity. This approach is especially recommended for areas susceptible to organic growth due to moisture, providing a clean, fresh look without compromising the material’s condition. 

Choosing a local soft washing service like New England Power Washing ensures not only the cleanliness but also the preservation of your property’s exterior. Soft washing, a method distinct from traditional pressure washing, uses low-pressure water combined with specific cleaning solutions to effectively remove mold, algae, dirt, and other contaminants without risking damage to sensitive surfaces. This technique is particularly suitable for residential homes, historical buildings, and any structure requiring a gentle touch to maintain its aesthetic and structural integrity. By opting for a professional soft washing service near you, you benefit from personalized care that understands the unique environmental factors affecting your property.

Safe for delicate surfaces, reducing risk of damage

Utilizes environmentally safe cleaning solutions

Achieve long lasting results

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Soft Washing In Milford, MA

In Milford, MA, homeowners and businesses increasingly seek out soft washing services as a safe and effective way to clean and maintain their properties. This gentle cleaning technique is perfect for a variety of surfaces, including roofs, siding, decks, and patios, which might be damaged by traditional high-pressure washing methods. Soft washing utilizes a low-pressure nozzle combined with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove dirt, algae, mold, and mildew without risking damage to the property’s exterior or landscaping. This method not only cleans but also sanitizes surfaces, offering a longer-lasting clean by killing the spores and preventing quick regrowth.

Moreover, choosing a local service provider in Milford for your soft washing needs comes with the advantage of having a team that understands the local environment and its impact on buildings. These professionals can offer tailored advice on how to maintain your property between cleanings and suggest the optimal frequency for soft washing based on your specific situation. As awareness about the importance of gentle, eco-friendly cleaning methods grows, more residents and businesses in Milford are turning to soft washing as a sustainable way to care for their properties, contributing to a cleaner, safer, and more beautiful community.

Improves property appearance by removing unsightly stains

Helps prevent damage by keeping surfaces clean

Extends the lifespan of exterior surfaces

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Our team is trained to deliver top-notch results.

Make your property stand out with a refreshed appearance.

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Keep your space looking pristine year-round.

We tackle a wide range of surfaces and materials.

Our Services

Pressure Washing

Expert pressure washing services will deliver clean, renewed surfaces efficiently and effectively.

Soft Washing

Soft washing service is perfect for safely cleaning and maintaining more delicate surfaces without damage

House Washing

Rejuvenate your home with expert cleaning that will ensure the removal of all dirt, grime, and organic buildups.

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning service efficiently removes dirt and buildup prolonging your roof's lifespan and enhancing curb appeal.

Commercial Cleaning

Comprehensive commercial cleaning services ensures businesses sparkle with professionalism and cleanliness.

Fleet Washing

Fleet washing service ensures your vehicles reflect your business's commitment to excellence, offering thorough, efficient cleaning solutions.

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We offer a wide range of services to provide a well rounded exterior cleaning service.


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Frequently Asked Questions

New England Pressure Cleaning is here to assist with any questions you may have, ensuring a smooth and informed experience for all our valued clients.

What is soft washing, and how does it differ from pressure washing?

Soft washing is a gentle cleaning method that uses low-pressure water combined with special cleaning solutions to remove dirt, algae, and mold from delicate surfaces without causing damage. Unlike high-pressure washing, it’s safe for use on siding, roofs, and other surfaces where high pressure might cause harm.

Is soft washing safe for all types of surfaces?

Soft washing is specifically designed to be safe for a wide range of surfaces, including those that are more vulnerable to damage from high-pressure methods. It’s ideal for roof shingles, wood paneling, soft stone, and painted surfaces, ensuring thorough cleaning without risk of damage.

How often should I consider soft washing my property?

The frequency of soft washing depends on various factors, including the local climate, the presence of trees and foliage around your property, and the material of your surfaces. Generally, it’s recommended to consider soft washing every 1 to 2 years to maintain your property’s appearance and integrity, but more frequent cleaning may be necessary in areas with high moisture levels or heavy foliage.

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