Water Reclamation and Filtration Services

Our water reclamation, filtration and reuse services allow our technicians to ensure EPA COMPLIANCE in conformance with The Clean Water Act throughout the course of your pressure cleaning service. 
In some circumstances, EPA Guidelines require the reclamation of wash water runoff from certain cleaning services. Some of these circumstances include: wash-water containing hydrocarbons (typically found in fleet and industrial applications), during washing services performed near protect water areas, and in certain localities that require the capture of wash water that may find its way to public drainage systems.
The EPA holds the property owner accountable for all EPA violations. This means that you would be responsible for any fines associated with EPA violations of contractors performing non-compliant washing on your property!

There are typically two solutions for wash-water capture in these circumstances:
1. Capturing wash-water and paying costly disposal fees using a third-party water disposal service
2. Capturing water, filtering to EPA Guidelines accepted standards, and reusing the water

At New England Pressure Cleaning, we use a specialized system that captures, reclaims, and filters wash-water (to as low as 5 micron) through an 18 step filtration process.

So, what does that mean for you?

1. EPA COMPLIANCE throughout your pressure cleaning service 
2. LOWER COSTS without the need for expensive wash-water disposal services

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