Our Policies

Pricing and Sales

Pressure cleaning services are not a retail product. Therefore, pricing and quality of services provided among pressure cleaning businesses vary. Because of this, New England Pressure Cleaning does not match competitor’s pricing.

Estimated pricing for services rendered is determined using an array of information about your services requested such as square footage of service area, contamination to be removed, condition of substrate, travel distance to the site, site accessibility, necessary equipment rentals, and other factors. Because of this, estimates provided are contingent on accurate details of the project.

Free Estimates

At New England Pressure Cleaning, we are usually able to provide FREE ESTIMATES without a site visit. To accurately provide you with an estimate, some information such as the address of the site, service square footage, the substrate of surface, and a few pictures of the service area.

We try our best to provide our clients with free estimates, however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide you with a sight-unseen estimate. Should we determine that we cannot accurately estimate the cost of services rendered without seeing the site, New England Pressure Cleaning charges a $30 fee for site-visit estimates. This $30 fee will be treated as a partial deposit once your service is booked.

Our sight-unseen estimates are only as accurate as of the details provided to us. New England Pressure Cleaning reserves the right to adjust the total price if the site varies in any way from the site details we are presented before an estimate is provided. Should a price estimate be changed on the day of service, the client will be contacted for authorization before services begin.

Scheduling and Deposit

New England Pressure Cleaning requests an $85.00 deposit before scheduling your services. Once we receive your deposit, we are typically able to schedule your services to take place within 1 to 2 weeks. This deposit confirms your time-slot in our schedule.

We allow our clients to reschedule once, up to 48 hours before their service appointment, without any fees. If a client reschedules within 48 hours of their scheduled appointment, or more than once, New England Pressure Cleaning reserves the right to add a $100 fee to the agreed-upon price.

For any canceled appointment, the client forfeits any and all deposits.


To provide efficient services to our clients, we ask that the following notes be taken before we arrive for your scheduled services:

  1. A water spigot is activated and accessible.
  2. All doors and windows are securely shut.
  3. All items are to be removed from the service area, such as vehicles, furniture, tools, doormats, lawn ornaments, etc.
  4. The service area is free of people and pets.
  5. Outdoor electric outlets are turned on and accessible for incidental equipment during wood restoration and roof washing services.

Should any of these items prevent us from rendering services, the client will be charged a $50 per hour fee, to a maximum of $100, in which we will leave the site and a service fee of $100 will be added to the total price of service for rescheduling.

Upon arrival to the site, our operator(s) will inspect the property and note any existing damage, and take pictures of the damage before beginning services.

Please note, our Residential Siding Wash will greatly improve the look of your home! Our standard siding wash is a “Soft Wash” technique that utilizes low pressure to keep the risk of damage at a minimum while cleaning your siding. This service is not recommended for paint preparation, and will not remove the following contaminates: artillery fungus (information can be found HERE), paint overspray, stain overspray, grease, tree sap, or rust stains from windows or siding ‘weep holes’. In most cases, we can remove most of the contaminates using higher pressure and specialized cleaners; but the cost of these services is not included in the pricing of our standard siding wash.

Our Roof Cleaning Treatment is a sodium hypochlorite (bleach) based cleaning solution. Bleach is 100% biodegradable and breaks down into salt and water naturally. We use this solution based from recommendations from the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. We do not recommend using any other chemicals for asphalt shingle roofs as they will most likely void your roof’s warranty!

Billing and Payments

New England Pressure Cleaning currently accepts payments in the form of cash, all major providers of debit & credit cards, checks, and bank transfers via Quickbooks.

We require full payment upon completion of services unless other arrangements are made prior to services.

Returned checks will incur a $50 returned check fee.

Unpaid invoices will incur a 3% per month interest rate after the first 7 days of delinquency.


At New England Pressure Cleaning, we appreciate our active military, first responders, and veterans. We offer a 10% military and first responder discount. Proof of military or other government-issued ID may be requested.

We also offer discounts for cash payments and multi-neighbor services, in which two or more neighbors schedule their services to take place on the same day. Please contact us for details about the multi-neighbor discount.

Contractor discounts are also available for General Contractors, Painters, Real Estate Agents and their Clients, Property Managers, Paving Companies, and any other contractors that benefit from pressure washing services before or after your project. These discounts are designed on a per-case basis and range in discount percentage.

$25 Gift Card Referral Program

Want a FREE $25 GIFT CARD? It’s easy! Fill out of gift card referral cards with your name, and your address along with your choice of a gift card, and hand them out to your friends. Once your friends scheduled service is completed and we have received the completed referral card, we will mail you your FREE $25 GIFT CARD! Just make sure your friend give us the referral card!

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